Digital Marketing Optimization

Evaluate your performance by channel and device. Then analyze the digital customer journey as well as internal processes and systems that move customers through each touch point. Create a strategy to optimize the digital journey, your marketing mix, and digital marketing team structure. Work as an extension of your team to implement, track and prove out results

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Optimize a single customer journey

Journey map and analyze a particular part of a customer journey to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement in that particular journey and create a strategy with suggested initiatives to improve the experience and receive recommended tracking to prove results

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Customer Experience Transformation

Make CX the center of your business by bringing key stakeholders to do a full customer journey mapping using developed personas. Create a strategy with key recommended initiatives that will drive better CX and improved results. Build a CX measurement system to keep a check on how customers feel about you and better hold employees accountable to these metrics.

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Online or Offline, its about delivering a frictionless and consistent customer experience

Melissa is an award winning digital and CX strategist, driving organizational change, excelling in the detective work of identifying areas for improvement, solving the puzzle and developing innovative solutions that grow revenues.

  • Increased web conversion rate by 172% and decrease cost per acquisition by over 12% for a $1B business that generates approximately 80% of sales from digital channels.
  • Championed and led bottom-line driven customer experience transformation across all touch points of the customer journey (web, sales, serve, operations, HR, IT) of a national company.
  • Experience working with 100+ companies in app, mobile and desktop web site optimization, digital marketing and CX consulting.

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This is should be a prospective customer's number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.