Melissa Burdon - Digital Marketing / B2C / Customer Experience Leader

A change agent driving digital and CX transformation. Award winning digital marketing strategist and passionate leader. Drives organizational change, builds high performance teams and grows revenues. Dynamic creative thinker and influencer, excelling in the detective work of identifying areas for improvement, solving the puzzle, developing innovative solutions and leading execution and change.

  • Increased web conversion rate by 172% and decreased cost per acquisition by over 12% for a $1B business now generating approximately 80% of sales from digital acquisition
  • Championed and led bottom-line driven customer experience transformation across all touchpoints of the customer journey (web, sales, service, operations, HR, IT) of a national company
  • Experience working with 100+ companies in application, mobile and web site design, digital marketing, optimization and CX consulting

Professional Experience

Melissa Burdon LLC 2011 – Present
Digital Marketing Analyst | Digital Marketing Consultant
Developed a growing roster of clients ranging from small to major corporations across a broad range of industries. Optimized all aspects of client marketing strategy including PPC, SEO, remarketing, social media, content, email, website optimization, click-to-chat and mobile. Developed new apps and sites in support of client’s business goals.

  • Earned client’s trust as initial web optimization contracts evolved into operating as an extension of client’s team. Delivered customer experience mapping / consulting and general business consulting.
  • Developed a continuous improvement methodology leveraging data analysis to identify areas of opportunity in the customer journey.
  • Created new mobile apps and mobile/desktop sites, first by creating a set of customer personas and then wireframing the experience and working closely with designers and developers to implement.
  • Delivered recommendations for implementation (wireframe / mockup approach to design); worked with designers / developers to create variations and tests (A/B or multivariate); iterated for continued performance improvement.
  • Hired and managed contractors to support delivery as client roster expanded.
  • Designed and ran 12+ optimization tests. One shopping cart test increased the conversion rate of completed transactions by 3.59% resulting in additional annual revenue of $2.7M.
  • Extra Space Storage: Identified and implemented over 2 dozen opportunities that generated conversion lifts including click-to-chat which increased website conversion by 8%. Led to creation of Director role.
  • Sample Clients: Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits | | | City
    Cosmetics | |

Extra Space Storage Inc., (Salt Lake City, Utah) 2013 – 2018
Senior Director of Digital Marketing (01/2017 – 2018)
Director of Marketing Optimization & CX (2013 – 2017)

The top performing publicly traded US storage company with revenue of $1 billion (2017) and 1500 corporate and partner-owned properties throughout the US. Hired to lead online marketing optimization and customer experience. Promoted to strategic role encompassing setting the digital vision, creating and leading a digital
transformation roadmap as well as managing all digital customer acquisition teams (SEO, PPC, Web Optimization, Paid Media, Email, Lead Gen, Web Analytics, Web Optimization).

  • Increased web conversion rate by 172% and decreased cost per acquisition by over 12% for a $1B business now generating approximately 80% of sales from digital acquisition.
  • Introduced and championed a shift in business strategy to leverage customer experience as the company’s key market differentiator. Cultivated executive buy-in to invest in a complete customer
    experience transformation, in the process earning CX a place on the org chart reporting to Marketing.
  • Evaluated and enhanced each touchpoint along the customer journey. Partnered with HR to re-orient staff recruitment and training towards a customer experience orientation.
  • Oversee a $2 million dollar/month paid acquisitions marketing budget (PPC, Display, YouTube and Social). Work with Digital Teams and Data Scientists to set predictions and budgets annually and coordinate budget reviews monthly.
  • Attract, hire and retain top digital marketing talent. Lead and invest in current team of ten digital marketing team members. Assist their professional growth through transparent coaching, hands on training and a clear, vision-inspired leadership style.
  • Drive the strategic direction of digital marketing always looking for efficiency opportunities, areas for improvement, identifying new technology and processes that will positively impact the bottom line.
  • Manage stakeholder relationships with other departments and external digital partners. Direct thirty customer experience staff across several teams.
  • Present and pitch frequently to C-suite and senior management on new investments, results and strategic direction and to JV partners on above as well as supporting ESS value proposition.
  • Help guide digital marketing teams in identifying key performance metrics to track across the whole customer journey and at each channel level.
  • Leading digital strategy and creating a digital vision involving integration across organizational silos and channels. Orchestrating and analyzing all digital touch points in the customer journey resulting in numerous incremental conversion, top line, profitability and process gains.

FutureNow Inc. (New York) 2005 – 2012
VP Client Services (2009 – 2012)
Sr. Digital Marketing Consultant (2005 - 2009)
A small, high-profile digital consulting agency led by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg (Buyer Legends author/speakers) and pioneers in web optimization and customer experience. Progressed from Sr. Consultant to VP Client Services, leading consulting teams, processes and account relationships to deliver digital strategies and bottom line results for a wide range of customers.

  • Managed accounts and customer relationships, conducted needs analysis, pitched new work, and led
    delivery directly or through teams for one-off and ongoing client engagements.
  • Represented the agency and developed new business as an expert speaker at conferences and events.
  • Developed a framework and process for conducting conversion rate optimization and digital marketing
    services for clients which enhanced the agency’s capabilities and resulted in increased client outcomes.
  • Learned and applied persuasion architecture techniques and approaches by conducting customer
    research and creating MBTI personas to represent customers for each client.
  • Supported clients on setup of analytics tracking, identifying high impact recommendations to test, developing wireframes for recommended test experiences and helping clients track results and iterate.
  • Sample Clients: | | | | | | | | | and many others EatSleepMusic Corp. (now

“USA 40 under 40”, Direct Marketing News (2014)
“Elevate Award”, StrongView, for cross channel engagement


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