Digital Marketing Strategy

Analyze existing digital marketing mix, team structure and digital customer journey and create optimization strategy or develop a full end to end Digital Marketing Strategy from scratch

Customer Experience Transformation

Conduct a full customer journey mapping based on developed personas, identify key initiatives to improve the Customer Experience and drive business performance, while creating a CX measurement system to hold stakeholders accountable for CX, and create strategy to embed CX into culture

Digtal Marketing Strategy

Whether you are looking to optimize your current digital marketing strategy to improve performance and gain efficiency or are looking for someone to build a digital marketing strategy from the ground up, I can help as an extension of your team.

I have over 19 years of experience in digital marketing, working as a consultant for hundreds of organizations, helping them create or improve digital marketing strategies and drive bottom line performance. I also led a Digital Marketing team of 12 digital marketers in-house for a $1B public company, who drove more than 80% of their business through digital channels.

Every client situation is unique, and therefore not every stage is appropriate. I assess the circumstance upfront and suggest a recommended approach to the engagement. These are some of the ‘general’ stages of a digital marketing strategy engagement.

  1. Discovery: I start every engagement by doing a discovery. I look at the current marketing mix, performance by channel/device. In some cases, I look at the current digital marketing team and structure as well as supporting groups (web development, designers, etc). I look at the marketing technology that has been implemented/ being utilized.
  2. Persona Creation: Personas will not only be used to analyze and optimize your digital marketing strategy, they may also be used for a number of purposes throughout your organization. Every part of the organization is responsible for part of the customer journey, and personas allow them to better understand and empathize with customers so that they are able to better optimize the experience for customers. Personas are delivered to you at the end of this phase.
  3. Deeper analysis: This is where I pull the personas and discovery together and do further detective work to determine where the biggest opportunities for improvement are in the customer journey, marketing mix, systems and technology, structure/team setup, etc.
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy: Your deliverable will be a report that shows the full analysis, pointing out the areas for improvement, and my recommendations moving forward for each piece: team structure, processes, campaigns, websites, technology, etc.
  5. Ongoing support: Many of my clients don’t just need a report, but they need someone who can lead and implement the strategy. I can act as an extension of your team as this leader, working with your team members and vendors on implementing, testing and tracking results, and as a coach to help them understand and use the continuous improvement methodology I follow, helping to create a testing culture. I will even help connect you with implementation contractors who specialize in particular digital marketing skillsets when needed, where you can basically outsource your whole (or parts) of your digital marketing team.

Customer Experience Transformation

Those companies that invest in better understanding their customer’s needs and motivations, and take the time to see the experience through the lens of the customer, are the ones that will hold the keys to being able to improve company performance.

I introduced the concept of CX and championed a shift in business strategy to leverage customer experience at the $1billion public company I worked at for 5 years, as the key market differentiator. I led a customer experience transformation for the organization that resulted in improved CX scores and positively impacted bottom line performance.

Some companies are interested in a complete CX transformation, while others are interested in baby stepping their way there. Here are some of the steps I would take with clients, keeping in mind that some organizations may only be ready for one or two of these steps initially.

  1. Community research and social listening: I would spend time collecting information from various sources where customers are talking about you through digital channels. I would present key findings and initial thoughts on biggest opportunities for improvement.
  2. Personas: I do some discovery interviews with various individuals in your organization and where customer data is available, I analyze that as well to create personas that represent your customers. This will help us analyze the customer journey based on different persona needs, and these personas may also be used company wide for a number of purposes.
  3. CX measurement: I’ll look at your current measurement systems (surveys, etc) and determine if a new measurement system needs to be created or the existing one can just be tweaked in order to measure customer’s happiness at various points in the journey as well as garner key insights from customer feedback that will help you know where your biggest opportunities for improvement lie.
  4. Journey mapping: We would put together a group of people from all parts of your organization to participate in journey mapping. By including multiple departments, you increase likelihood of buy in. We would map out the entire customer journey based on personas and identify biggest hurdles and opportunities for improvement together. I would deliver a full report of the journey map, and key initiatives that are recommended to improve CX scores and positively impact the bottom line. In some cases, clients only want to assess one part of the customer journey, ie: the web experience or the sales experience through call center.
  5. Culture transformation: Changing culture takes time and effort. We would first create and socialize a customer experience promise across the organization. In some cases, working with HR to create recruiting practices to recruit naturally customer focused individuals, and then refine training practices to train employees how to be customer obsessed.
  6. Ongoing support: No matter what approach we take to transforming your business, I will be an extension of your team, helping you test, implement and guiding you through every step, as I have done this in-house myself and know how valuable it would be to have a partner through every step.

Next Steps...

If you you're looking for support in any of the areas mentioned above, please get in touch with me. I look forward to working with you